To Argonaut or Not

Over the mountains and through the seas,

They’re speaking in Dutch and they’re speaking Chinese.

And I speak no Dutch, and I speak no Chinese,

So is that a reason to skip trips like these,

Over the mountains and through the seas?

But in France, you may say, they’ve got wonderful cheese,

And Hawaii will bring you the warm ocean breeze.

So you’ll never feel so content, so at ease,

If you never go traveling in Spain or Belize

Over the mountains and through the seas.

Then why, in my home, are my needs well appeased

When out there I might catch some horrendous disease?

But still I am missing the greatest French cheese

And the Hawaii’s warm tropical ocean breeze,

Over the mountains and through the seas.

So what must I do, should I go overseas?

Should I brave the tundra, or the port of Cadiz?

Or stay in the safety my home guarantees,

And never go traveling over the mountains

And through the seas?

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